Memory Ch2

Chapter 2



As his life was receding towards god slowly he flashed his accident which was caused when he was trying to run towards a ball and a bike came out of nowhere and hit him right in his left leg and neither hurt nor crying he picked up his ball and started playing but the fear was logged in his brain not being able to ride one for rest of his life at least whatever of it is left



He hears a knock on the door thinking it might be someone who has come to borrow money or liquor he neglected it although he knew they would know he is home considering his uptight schedule and how he never liked to deter from it they knocked and knocked and knocked…









slowly and slowly he could feel that he was some place nice but was not able to determine or know where he was

Everything was blurry and although it was clearing it was happening at a very slow pace

Once it cleared he understood where he was it was his first trip outside the country and that to the great United States of America he was on the seventh moon as he was feeling something he hasn’t felt in a long time………

He was happy and being only 7 he was still the same sweet person who he was 4 years back ……………


USA one of the greatest countries in the world and this little kid made it his dream to be successful and to live here and to live the great American dream, the thing that he liked the most in this country was everyone was so pleasant to each other and helped each other to the full of their capabilities and not to forget how clean this country was comparing it to his own country which although being the greatest democracy in the world is not that clean and his curiosity peaked and asked what will it take for India to get here Strict law or a convincing voice……………



America changed him forever he was so much in love with this country he   forgot how quickly this month passed the memories he had in mind were that of Disney land all its rides Hollywood where he went to the superhero café and seeing some of the tv show FRIENDS being shot which became his favourite comedy show till the end of his life


He was happy till half of his trip which had to be cut short because of an emergency situation at back home, Health of his Grandfather was receding and all they could do was head back to India as fast as possible, all he remembers is at one point of time he was talking to Matt Le Blanc

And another moment he was on a flight back to Delhi.

Once they reached Delhi they rushed to Hospital to find that operation had already started on the lower abdomen of his grandpa.

About half an hour into the operation doctor came out not with a grim expression but with a smiling face, saying it was only appendicitis and that Mr. Verma will be fine in no time.

This again scared him but his faith was restored in God as good will happen to people who are good and pure of heart.




“”Present Time””

He no longer could hear the knocking and thought that they left but to his great dismay they were opening his flat ,his mind started racing who could it be, names coming and going through his head “ family member ,his best friend, one of his friends who knew where he kept his key hidden or the next door neighbor who was  nice to him and always asked about how his day went whenever they crossed each other in the hallway…..


He was studying for his school test and the numbers were just dancing in front of his eyes not being able to understand the basics of BODMAS he swore never to take engineering and made sure his family supported him. His dilemma was solved by his grandpa who made him understand how to solve step by step from subtraction to addition to multiplication and division and how to solve it if they are given together, thus getting him a full score on the test.

His gramps was so happy that he bought him a gaming system top of the line and his summers were spent on it spending at least three to four hours on it daily which did help in improving his hand-eye co-ordination and also helped in increasing his creativity.

He was so into gaming that all he could think about was his games and this had an impact on his grades, this incident shook him and he promised himself to limit gaming and study sincerely, because of which he is at this position of fame and power. He owes a lot to his family for supporting his dreams and not forcing him to become a doctor, engineer or a Lawyer like his gramps or his father, nor an accountant like his mother or grandma.




The person who entered was moving towards his room and were continuously shouting his name , he was sure it was a girl but was not able to make out who she was  and this was bothering him as he was here lying in his bed trying to end his life peacefully and this person who he doesn’t recognize was not letting him do so nor were the memories helping.

He Stood up to see who was making a nuisance but fell down immediately as the pills were effecting him and finally it hit him , he knew who was calling him and he thought it was not possible but it was true……………………………………………………………………


Memory Ch1


Oppressed  by everyone he thought about ending his life

but he still had one thing to do before he took that

the dreadful step he had to tell the first girl  he ever

loved that he loved her with all that was left in him

which was not much but he still did. He was not going to

wait for her answer as he knew it was going to be NO, He

texted her and that too on Messenger as he didn’t have her

the number and took the sleeping pills and waited for the

oblivion That is Death





Slowly and Slowly he was drifting into the abyss and his life started flashing in front of him he started to relive his life from start which would turn into a nightmare in a span of 25 years of which only 19 were good


First distinct memory was when he was 3 and was crying out loud for no reason that is when his grandfather picked him in his arms and started playing with him to stop him from crying and it worked just fine as he stopped crying and was smiling knowing that he was safe where he is and with whom he is he smiles and realises that nothing can go wrong and everything will be fine


this little kid is happy he has everything a child of 3 could ask for and maybe even more he has his friends his parents his grandmother and best of all his Grandfather who he holds dear to his little heart which is big enough to fill the whole world with love


The only thing he didn’t know was that the world was going to be mean and a two bladed sword so whatever he was going to do to make everyone happy he was going to get cut because of the blade no matter how good he is to others he will be hurt at every point of time this is how the world works and he should’ve learnt that early but his heart was not ready to accept that every person has an ulterior motive he was only three when tragedy struck  and he was in an accident and although he was not hurt that made him afraid of bikes forever and wouldn’t be able to ride one although he would love cycling but the fear of motorbikes is going to haunt him forever.